Feb 03

7 Seas Sports Bar

My friend and I came here for sushi, we both ended up getting burgers instead.  The sushi selection was too disappointing.  I guess I shouldn’t go to a bar looking for sushi, my mistake.  However, their food was actually pretty decent for bar food.

The location is in downtown Garden Grove, pretty easy to find, and parking was not bad at all.  The bar is pretty big, and not crowded during lunch.  However, there was a football game on TV, and 100% of the customers were men watching the game while the female bartender attended to everyone.  Yup, the bartender was serving the food and the drinks to both the bar and the tables.  Although it was just her, she was very attentative, and never felt like we needed to fight for her attention.  Great service.  Although mostly quiet when we were there, the customers would occasionally scream loudly when goals were scored.  It got pretty annoying.

Nachos from 7 Seas Sports Bar

I ordered a bourbon burger with their Sea Salt Black Pepper fries.  My friend got a teriyaki burger with the same fries, and nachos for the appetizer.  The sauce on my bourbon burger suspiciously tasted like teriyaki sauce bourbon.  Not a bad burger, but I wouldn’t reorder what I got.  The fries were amazing though.  I don’t normally care too much about fries, but those were pretty addicting.  If you ask for a side of garlic aioli, it will make the fries 10 times better, not that it needed it anyways.  The nachos were not bad too.  Pretty average nachos, nothing really stood out.  Typical faire with jalapenos, guacamole, tomatoes, I think 1000 Island, and of course nacho cheese.

The Bourbon Burger that tasted like Teriyaki Sauce, with AWESOME Sea Salt Black Pepper Fries!

I think this would be a good hangout spot with friends on a weeknight.  Just be sure to avoid game nights though, oh yeah, and the sushi too.  The regular food is decent, and the service is awesome.  I’d definitely come back here for their happy hour drinks and food.

7 Seas Sports Bar is located at:
12941 Main St
Garden Grove, CA 92840

Sun-Thu: 11 am – 12 am
Fri-Sat 11 am – 2 am