Jan 21

Dog Haus (Alhambra)

The missy and I came here to use up a Groupon that I had.  “Gourmet hot dogs”?  Psh… what an oxymoron.  Quite pleasantly surprised, I was not disappointed.

Dog Haus Sign

Dog Haus Sign

The location is off of Chapel and Main Street in Alhambra, very easy to see.  The parking was not bad the day I went, but I think I saw only about maybe 10 to 15 parking spots.  So on a busy night, carpooling with your buds might be a smarter option.  Just be careful, the lot is pretty small and only one-way.  On a busy night, I wouldn’t put it pass me to see people driving in both directions yelling profane words at each other.

The Groupon was good for two sausages and two beers.  Which, the cashier knew about the deal without even checking my phone.  I ordered the Big Lebowski with a Hefeweisen to wash it down and my girlfriend went with the Frickin’ Chicken with a ginger ale.  After running the bill, we still had to pay for tax on the food before the cashier would click the redeem option on my phone.  The Big Lebowski comes with a garlic herb kielbasa, haus cheese sauce, pickled jalapenos, and crispy onions.  The Frickin’ Chicken includes a chicken sausage, “hausmade” marinara, melted mozzarella, and crispy basil leaf.  Both sausages are housed in a hawaiian sweet roll bun to sweeten the palate.  The combinations of savory and sweet was just perfect!  And even if I needed more flavor, there is a condiments bar at the back in case I wanted drench it in curry ketchup, but why would you?  The hefeweizen was good, but I wished they’d have a bigger selection of beers.  The ginger ale was made with real sugar, so there’s none of that corn syrupy aftertaste on the back of your throat.  Delicious!

Frickin' Chicken (left) and Big Lebowski (right)

Frickin’ Chicken (left) and Big Lebowski (right)

The restaurant tries a little hard to simulate the vibe of a bar, but without a happy hour menu and a bar, it’s still just a restaurant in the end.  However, I would still want to come on Fridays and weekends just to drink beer, eat these dressed up hot dogs and bask in the company of others.

Dog Haus is located at:
410 E Main St
Alhambra, CA 91801

Sun-Sat: 11 am – 10 pm