Jun 04


This is a very powerful application that can store all your loyalty cards as well as library cards.  This application stores all your information so you’ll never have to leave home without the cards you need, and it can lighten your keychain massively too!  When you type in your membership ID number, it generates a barcode that matches the store you need it for.  If the store you’re trying to add isn’t there, for example, a library card, there is an option to add “Other”.  This option lets you you can specify a specific name, and select the type of barcode it is.  Simple as that.

Another awesome feature that they’ve included are coupons!  Every now and then, you can check the store you frequent to see certain discounts popping up on your phone.  And all you have to do is open the discount and show it to the cashier to take advantage of it.  Good job, CardStar!

The fallback of this app on the iPhone is that certain flatbed scanners have trouble reading these devices.  This issue is actually doubled when you add certain screen protectors to your device.  I’m using an OtterBox, which is a heavy duty phone protector.  This one is known to cause scanning issues in pretty much every store out there, except hand scanners.  Many times, I end up giving my phone to the cashier and enter the information manually.

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