Nov 28

Stix & Straws

Stix & Straws is a small little restaurant located just outside of downtown El Segundo.  Peering in, the restaurant reminisces of those abnormally sanitary yogurt shops, with bright colored furniture that could be mistaken for a daycare center.  They atmosphere is really cute as they use hedgehogs as their brand mascot.  The owner, or at least I THINK she’s the owner, is a pretty Asian lady that goes by Amy.  If you come by a couple of times, she’ll recognize you and event start small conversations with you.  Because of all this, their service is very welcoming.  I’ve actually been eating here for a long time now, well, until they got rid of their lunch special, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Stix & Straws

Examining their menu, you’ll notice they have a small variety of meats such as beef, grilled chicken, battered fried chicken, pork, sausage, shrimp, and event tofu, or veggies.  However, their sauces are what makes the meal worth it.  They have 13 different sauces, about half of which I could really care less for.  The ones I do recommend are Sweet Garlic (I usually order at least one of these), Thai Peanut, and Spicy Chipotle.  After ordering your food, you’ll notice that it actually takes about 15 minutes for them to get the food out.  I think it’s due to the fact that they cook your food as you order it instead of having something sitting under a heating lamp.  When you’re on a time crunch for lunch, it actually sucks spending a good portion of your break waiting for your meal, especially for a place that seems like a fast food restaurant.

The hedgehogs are telling you "poking is wrong".

The Hedgehog Mascots

A typical combo comes with two stix of meat of your choice on a bed of cabbage, a side (I usually get the sweet potato fries), a scoop of rice, and a drink.  For the longest time, they had this as their lunch special for $5, which was awesome, because that’s a good amount of food for that price.  However as of recently, they removed their lunch special (maybe it was too popular?).  So now the price is around $6 to $8 depending on the side and type of stix you get.  Without the lunch special, the value isn’t worth it as there are other competitive eateries out there for around the same price.

A typical lunch combo.

A typical lunch combo.

This place is good to try out if you’ve never been here, but unless they bring back the lunch special deal, the value is not really there.  For those prices, Stix & Straws might actually do well as a food truck vendor instead.


Stix & Straws is located at:
310 E Grand Ave
El Segundo, CA 90245

Monday – Saturday: 11 AM – 8 PM