Jun 12


Have you ever wondered what the lovechild of a burger and a waffle would taste like?  Well Bruxie will put an end to your curiosity.  They sell sweet and savory sandwiches and pure cane sugar sodas.  The only difference is instead of using bread, they fold a waffle slice in half like a taco.  Their menu is rather small, but everything I tried is quite delicious.  They definitely focus on quality over quantity.

Bruxie, The Bold Fold... tasty, delicious bold fold.

I ordered the Sun-dried Tomato & Goat Cheese sandwich, which also comes with arugula in balsamic reduction.  My friend went with a sweet waffle, the Nutella and Bananas with Sweet Cream, he added peanut butter to make it even better.  The tangy sweetness of the sun-dried tomatoes complimented the goat cheese on top of the crisp, made-to-order waffle bed.  The flavors were not overbearing, but just balanced.  My friend’s waffle made a wonderful dessert, tasting much like a Reese’s with banana.  To finish it off, I washed everything down with a Lemon Lime soda.  The difference between real sugar soda and high-fructose corn syrup soda lies in the aftertaste.  There isn’t that stickiness in the back of your throat after you swallowed your gulp.  It’s a much more crisp, refreshing taste.

The price was a little high for how much food you actually get.  However, the quality of the ingredients is worth the money (and trip).  Parking is a little unreasonable.  There are only four parking spots in their lot, the rest is street parking.  So for those of you that fear the dreadful parallel, practice before you come!  Other than that, it is a great place to bring someone to, a nice quiet area just a couple of blocks north of the traffic circle in Orange.  It is definitely a place I would recommend trying out once if you’ve never combined the two concepts of sandwiches and waffles before.

Bruxie is located at:
292 N Glassell St
Orange, CA 92866

Sunday – Saturday: 9 AM – 9 PM

Jun 06

Royal Cup Cafe Gourmet Sandwiches

My first impression walking up to Royal Cup Cafe Gourmet Sandwiches was “what a small place this is, how do they stay in business?” This place has no sign that mentions their name, in fact it only says “Gourmet Sandwiches” in big letters on the outside, and “Coffee and Tea” as their caption.  There’s no way this place will be any good.  After my entry through the other side of that door, I had to humble my words. I just stepped into a little hidden treasure of a bohemian alley. The walls were plastered with miscellaneous portraits, the back was decorated like someone’s living room with sofas and love seats around a coffee table in front of a TV, a chessboard pedestal doubled as a private table in the corner, the backroom doubled as a wardrobe closet with feather boas and other theatrical outfits hanging on a rack, and best of all, this place did not have one table chair. All the seats were living room furniture, sofas, love seats, recliners, etc. The place carried a laid-back atmosphere that should be expected from most coffee shops. I could spend every night chillaxin’ at a place like this.

Portraits from various artists!


The menu carried a large variety of coffee, teas, salads, and paninis. My decision was difficult, but eventually, I settled for the African Safari panini. Worcestershire sauce mixed with mango chutney, chicken, roasted sweet peppers, provolone, and mayo. Washed it down with a Sexy Watermelon smoothie, watermelon with banana and strawberries. Although the combination of a sweet drink and a savory sandwich did not mix well, they were both quite enjoyable as each individual item. Maybe I’ll get a tea next time.

More art on the walls!

This place definitely caters to the hipster crowd.  A great environment to bring friends and just hang out for hours.  Possibly even bring in a board game to enjoy.  I could even see them putting together a little poetry reading at this locale.  This place will definitely keep me going back just to try the other stuff on their menu.

Royal Cup Cafe Gourmet Sandwiches is located at:
994 Redondo Ave
Long Beach, CA 90804

Mon-Fri 6 am – 10 pm
Sat 7 am – 10 pm
Sun 7 am – 9 pm

Jun 04


This is a very powerful application that can store all your loyalty cards as well as library cards.  This application stores all your information so you’ll never have to leave home without the cards you need, and it can lighten your keychain massively too!  When you type in your membership ID number, it generates a barcode that matches the store you need it for.  If the store you’re trying to add isn’t there, for example, a library card, there is an option to add “Other”.  This option lets you you can specify a specific name, and select the type of barcode it is.  Simple as that.

Another awesome feature that they’ve included are coupons!  Every now and then, you can check the store you frequent to see certain discounts popping up on your phone.  And all you have to do is open the discount and show it to the cashier to take advantage of it.  Good job, CardStar!

The fallback of this app on the iPhone is that certain flatbed scanners have trouble reading these devices.  This issue is actually doubled when you add certain screen protectors to your device.  I’m using an OtterBox, which is a heavy duty phone protector.  This one is known to cause scanning issues in pretty much every store out there, except hand scanners.  Many times, I end up giving my phone to the cashier and enter the information manually.

Click Here for CardStar

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